Now You See Me, Now You Don’t (1994)

Dec 22, 1994 87 min Watch Trailer

overview : Warlord Lei Zhengtian was hated by the people and many attempts were made to kill him. He therefore hired bodyguards to protect him. Although Lei was a tyrant, he feared his wife to death since his Warlord title was given to him by his father-in-law. His wife often shouted at him. One night, Lei was again scolded and hit by his wife. Enraged, Lei decided to visit the brothel. However, he was afraid of being assassinated. So he shaved all his beard, changed into a black suit and went in disguise.
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Anthony WongGeneral Lei Zhen-Tian / Hero Plum
Tommy WongWu Liang-Xin
Catherine Hung YanTian's wife / Rufeng
Peter Ngor Chi-KwanGambler
Frankie LamWen Yi-Liang

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