Astral City: A Spiritual Journey (2010)

Sep 03, 2010 103 min Watch Trailer

overview : The selfish Dr. André Luiz dies and awakes in the limbo called "Umbral". After a painful period in the gruesome swamp, he is rescued and brought in a white light to "Nosso Lar" (meaning "Our Home"). He finds a place of harmony, where people live in peace awaiting
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Werner SchünemannEmmanuel
Renato PrietoAndré Luiz
Fernando Alves PintoLisias
Rosanne MulhollandEloisa
Inez VianaNarcisa
Rodrigo dos SantosTobias
Clemente ViscaínoMinistro Clarêncio
Ana RosaLaura
Paulo GoulartMinistro Genésio
Helena VarvakiZélia
Aracy CardosoDona Amélia
Selma EgreiMãe de André Luiz
Nicola SiriErnesto
Chica XavierIsmália
Anna CotrimMãe de Eloísa
Ana Beatriz CorrêaLucia

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